A downloadable game for Windows

Elidaan the Loremaster found the Scroll of Fianna in a hidden tomb, and read the ancient writing. Great powers had he, yet even he could not slow the relentless flow of the river of Time. The Coronet beckoned his soul with infinite promise, and thus it was that Elidaan went forth into Doriath...

Immortality awaits Elidaan if he can reach his goal.

Explore the 16 halls of each of the 16 levels of Doriath as you adventure further into the Deeps of Doriath in search of the Coronet of Arien.

Doriath Redux is based on the classic game Doriath that was released on the C64.

Install instructions

Download and run the executable. There is nothing else to it. That's right, no installing, nothing.

24-August: v1.0.2.0 uploaded with fix to bug when leaving the right side of the screen in Hall 14 of Nadir's Deep. Original version incorrectly transferred to Hall 5 of Nadir's Deep instead of Hall 15.

27-August: v1.0.3.0 uploaded with fix to incorrect mapping in Hall 15 of Feanor's Deep which allowed the player to leave the screen to the right and spawn in Hall 15 of Galoth's Deep (inside a wall).


Doriath Redux.exe 6 MB