3 Weeks In

So I have been working on Ix for a while now, and finally decided that I need to start putting down somewhere exactly what is going on.

So I will compress the first 3 weeks of development into this first devlog.

Week 1

I spent of this time procrastinating over how much of the mapping I should actually be looking at.
I already had my tilesets and a base sprite to play with, but just could not get into drawing up the rough world map for the whole game.
So instead I decided to work through some of the basic mechanics instead:
  • Movement
  • Player GUI
  • Some basic player states

Week 2

Still delaying on drawing the world map.
Worked through some further game mechanics:
  • Room transfers using 2 test rooms that would not be part of the main maps.
  • A pause menu with the current room fading in the background.
  • Adding in nice methods for fade-out/fade-in when transferring between rooms.

Week 3

Finally drew up the world map.  A nice simple 8x5 set of rooms (40 rooms for the main world), with an additional set of dungeons, caves, and a location for the final battle.
Decided to randomise the exits between rooms to make the layout feel a bit more organic.
Began mapping the rooms with the tilesets.  Managed to get through rooms A1->A8, B1->B8, C1, Dungeon1 (4 rooms), and 1 cave room.

With 3 weeks down, I can see good progress being made and everything is coming together nicely.  My focus for the Week 4 will be to continue mapping the rooms.

I will also be starting to upload some basic images as part of #ScreenshotSaturday each week.  I will replicate those on Twitter and here on the devlog.  My first will aim to be up tomorrow (20-May)

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