Another milestone reached

It's been a couple of weeks since the last post, so just a quick update on progress:

Everything is going well.

  • New health system is in and working properly.
  • States are all complete for enemy patrolling, idling, attacking, following.
  • Updated field of vision for enemies (it's now possible to get past them without being attacked if they are facing away from you).
  • HUD has been changed quite a bit so looks much better.
  • Bugs are being fixed as I find them.

What is in the pipeline now:

  • Populate the whole game world with enemies (at the moment only a single test room has them).
  • Enemy ranged attacks.
  • Change the damage indicators (current a hue change) to include particle blood.
  • Game Over screen (Win and Loss).
  • Game Save and Game Load functionality.
  • Tweak to the Main Menu to allow/deny Continue option.
  • Begin work on the AI for the first mini-boss.

It's a lot to try to get through in this week, but I'm happy with how I am progressing.  I seem to be staying on top of the (increasing) list of deliverable items, and only ever seem to push one deliverable into the following week each time (if at all).

So with any luck in a few more weeks there may be more screenshot-worthy changes ready to be shown off.

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