Ranged enemy combat and blood...

What's this?  2 devlog entries within a couple of days?  Am I feeling okay?

Nothing to panic about, but I just managed to get through another couple of items that I wasn't sure how long it would be to get implemented.

1. Ranged attacks for enemies.
I realised that I had an enemy which only attacks with a ranged weapon, but all of the states and attacking code was specifically written with melee combat in mind, ie: move into close range and start wailing on the player with their melee weapon.
Unfortunately this does not work for a ranged attack, so I had to revisit the whole attack state processing and work out how to get the ranged attack working properly.  This took a bit longer (several hours) than I had expected (under an hour) as I also had to synchronise the projectile creation with a specific frame of the attack animation.  However after several hours, and a lot of frustration, I now have my ranged enemy working just fine and not affecting the melee attacks of my other enemies.

2. Blood!
This was something I had wanted to put in from the start as I was not happy with the placeholder of the player/enemy just changing colour when hit.  Now I have enemies and Ix issue a quick blood spurt when hit.  It may not seem to be anything major, but it does actually give a satisfying indication that damage has been done.  So far the drawn sprite also changes hue to a red when damaged, and puts the player/enemy into an invincible state so that they just can be hit with a stream of damage-dealing and die within 1 second.
Not sure about keeping the hue colouring, but that can be dealt with later on during testing as it is only a matter of a couple of lines of code that can be removed to stop it from happening.

Next step is to get the world populated, and then finally I can start to work on the long-overdue Game Save and Game Load processing.

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