Another sprint finished, several more to go

At the time of writing this update, I have just completed the work in the latest sprint of development and things are coming together nicely.  A few more tweaks have been made to the way the game plays, and now it feels a lot better experience.

Some of the adjustments that have been made:
  • Player movement speed has been increased
  • Weapon recharge time has been decreased
  • No more damage taken when colliding with normal enemies (only their weapons)
And some further work has been done on getting the following up and running:
  • The "Game Over" sequence is completed (win and loss)
  • The first version of the rolling credits has been completed

This weekend will see some more screenshots of the new characters as I don't think these have been shown in the dev log yet.  It may be a bit of a surprise to people to see what has changed.

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