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Mordeth the Dark Mage and his three witch-sisters have claimed dominion over the free kingdoms of all races.  From his citadel in the Goblin lands Mordeth readies himself to conquer all those that would dare face him.

But it is not the great Knights, Kings, or Queens that would stand against this darkness.  It is a lowly Goblin warrior, Ix, that steels himself and prepares to venture forth to challenge the Dark Mage and his kin.

Default controls (can be changed from the Controls menu):

WASD to move and Enter to select.

Mouse to move target crosshairs

Left Mouse Button to throw your dagger at the crosshairs

Right Mouse Button to dash while moving


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New version (RC1.0.3.0) has been uploaded.  This should fix the problem where the players weapon does not swap to being the Blood Dagger.  The point of collecting this weapon is to defeat the final boss, but the bug meant that it was not even used in that battle.  This should now be working, and it should allow your save game to be loaded and immediately reflect that this weapon is now in hand.

The Blood Dagger is a very powerful weapon and as such it should be an instant kill to all minions, but only Mordeth is able to withstand the damage.

This is the best Itch.io game I ever play!Its my #1 on my list and I will definately play it over and over again!Also,here is my Playlist! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNqW7HdiT-Q&list=PL9EwIBefxnJ1VABSucJCTduPWYV5zledE


New version (RC1.0.2.0) has been uploaded.  This fixes a problem with the final boss battle in that Mordeth would constantly spam his heal ability once his health hits 20%.  This would cause his health to never drop even when attacking him.

The % of health for his last heal has also been changed.


A new version (RC1.0.1.0) has been uploaded with the following minor adjustments:

  • The Archer should now shoot his bow a bit faster.
  • The witch-sister bosses should now no longer be spamming their special attacks.
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I find another issue with spamming special attack.Mordeth also has issue as his sister,and I can't defeat him.I battle him for 30 minutes(I know that I am crazy LOL),But everytime he have about 20%,his health points won't go lower.


Thanks for letting me know.  I will look into it and see what I can do.

All good :D